Life is always preppier on the other side.

The Prep Rally

Life is always preppier on the other side.

25. April 2014

1. My friend told me my prom dress was super cool. I’ll post prom pictures after the actual prom.

2. I got to go on this artistic rant to my dad about the musical I’m in.

3. I took some super easy standardized tests for the state. Pretty sure I aced it. There was a lot of basic math.

4. It’s raining tonight and I love falling asleep to rain.

5. The cleaning lady came today and nothing is better than clean sheets.

25. April 2014

Thanks to you all for your helpful responses about rushing and Greek life. It’s becoming an important part of my college search and I’m lucky to have access to all of you and your wealth of knowledge about going Greek.



Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013
Fashion by Mademoiselle! (Runway blog!)

Haute Couture blog :)

If there’s anyone who knows a reasonable amount about the sorority recruitment process, let me know! I have some questions!